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this season. he built a larger-than-life snowman! it took jim smith about four weeks to create it. the snowman is so big ... he used car tires for eyes and then stacked a few tires on top for a hat. smith is taking bets on how long the snowman will last. it costs five dollars to place a bet, and whoever is closest to the day the snowman melts will win half the cash reward. the other half will go to a family in need. >> are like that that school. >> a good chance for me to use my expertise whether predicting. i would say it's going to be there until at least mid april. that is a big snowman. and let's be honest, it's cold. we are called again today. we to warm up a bit. yesterday's high was about 19. right now is 15 in downers grove. st. mary's school is currently in the teens. the current wind chill is down to zero. we continue to have light snow across the northern northern region. it will move out by midmorning and remove to clouds and some later today. the snowman is probably okay until at least monday. but today's high is 25. >> coming up, a woman's home is destroyed by an avalanche. >> it
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1